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Chain Free Media is a Digital Media Productions company which operates in the greater Atlanta metro area. We specialize in several aspects of multimedia, technical and personal products that will enhance your personal and small business needs. Chain Free Media is dedicated to providing top notch services at an affordable price.

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Meet The Team

Tyrone and Toni Campbell own and operate Chain Free, Inc., the parent company of Chain Free Media, where they pour their technical and financial expertise into a solid services based company.They posses many skills and collaborates with a network of specialist that bring multiple services to the table for their clients.

Tyrone Campbell President and CEO

Tyrone's media career started back in 1985, where he became a member of Major Jam Productions, establishing himself as a Bass Player and music producer. This was his first experience and gateway to the music industry where he would go on to form a songwriting and publishing company.

In 1990 he published his first song "Day to Day", written for 1980's mega rap group Whodini, released on their 1991 MCA album "Bag-a-Trix". More collaborations followed with DOC ICE, Professor Griff and several groups under the Major Jam Productions umbrella.

While in High School he also acquired a the visual skill-set of Filmmaking and TV Production. These skills proved to be a valuable asset for future endeavors where he was on the crew of a Public Access cable TV show called N-site and even hosted a few episodes.

In 1997 he joined the staff of the gospel record label, PepperCo Music Group, where he was an intricate part of the day to day operations. Artist included Lecresia Campbell, GMWA Mens Chorus, Hubert Powell, Billy Preston, Voices of Joy and the landmark recording of the Edward Hawkins East Coast Regional Mass Choir, featuring songs by John P. Kee and Jonathan DuBose, Jr.

Present day works include:

  • Feature Film (Kung Fu, Old School and Tyrone - Pre Production)
  • Charlie Future (Children's Cartoon Concept)
  • Belkham Elemental (Animated Feature - Concept)

Toni Campbell Secretary and CFO

Toniis the financial genius who organizes and supports the business. She is originally from Philladelphia, PA and is a multiple business owner with Chain Free, Inc and her Thirty-One distributorship.

Toni is passionate about helping people, especially those who seek assistance with debt and finances. She is working on a easy to follow home course that will empower and educate people about home finances. She is working on birthing a not for profit organization called "The Helping Plan" where she will create programs to help, teach and mentor people about changing their situations.

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